Event Guide- Circuit of the Americas


Austin, TX- Up next is the highly-anticipated Radical North American Cup at Circuit of the Americas. The Formula One racing circuit is one of the most prestigious venues in all of North America. Among F1, Moto GP, WEC, Pirelli World Challenge, Weather Tech Series, and even Australian V8 Supercars hold an annual meet at Circuit of the Americas, or better known as simply "COTA".


Hosting the event will be Simon and Ian Dawson of Radical Texas. Among the local Texas competition, WISKO Racing will be competing with over 40 Radical racing cars by independent team owners/drivers as well as bigger teams and such as Team Stradale of Joliet, Illinois and even a few familiar faces from Spring Mountain's motorsports resort in Pahrump, Nevada.


Sure to be a spectacle, the highly anticipated event is only a few days away.

The Primland Experience- Roll Out The Red Carpet


 Meadows of Dan, VA- If you enjoy any of the following: disc golf, fishing, golfing, horseback riding, hunting, mountain biking, nature walks, spas, clay shooting, paddle boarding, stargazing, tennis, swimming, tree climbing or racing cars with world-famous race car drivers, Primland has something for you. Wait, did you read that last part correctly, racing cars with who?

The Resort

Primland is a luxury resort on 12,000 acres located towards the southwestern tip of Virginia, just south of Blacksburg. Every year, the resort staff coordinates an event at Virginia International Raceway and believe us, do they bring great company along with them. About 20 of Primland’s more courageous and thrill-seeking members, along with the resort owner, who happens to be a highly-experienced Le Mans Series and WEC championship racer for teams like Pescarolo and Aston Martin make their way over to let loose on VIR’s main road course, go kart track, skid pads, Patriot Course and more. Audi North America provides demonstration R8, TT and other S models, as well as a fully race prepared factory R8 LMS named “Tanja” which would be used for “hot laps” where the Primland club members get to ride shotgun for a no-holds-barred flying lap around VIR.


At The Wheel

Proving that Harold Primat doesn’t ever to anything small, when he invites some of his most elite resort members to VIR to ride shotgun in a race car, he makes sure the driver of the car is plenty capable of offering a thrill. Did we forget to mention he happens to be best friends with Tom Kristensen? That’s right. Mr. Le Mans himself.


Enter- WISKO Racing

Primland asked WISKO Racing to provide two Radical Sportscars where the members, while waiting for their ride along with Tom in the R8 LMS would get to experience the track for themselves behind the steering wheel of a Radical SR3. Harold Primat also spent the day offering hot laps in our 2014 Radical RXC Coupe where he enjoyed a very familiar LMP-style experience. One by one, resort members climbed into the driver’s seat of a Radical SR3 and after a short briefing on controls and basic driving principals were cut loose to drive the 3.27 mile course for themselves. The smiles were ear-to-ear throughout the paddock and the reactions from every driver was pure elation. Incident-free, practically every participating member had their shot at a Radical and WISKO was there to provide it.


Grand Finale

What happens when Tom Kristensen and Harold Primat each are given their OWN Radical SR3’s to have a one-lap shootout? A full on race for the finish, of course. For the special viewing pleasure of all participants, Tom and Harold agreed to have a one-lap sprint race in similar SR3 cars. Out from the pit lane, rev-limiters were going off, tires were spinning and they were gone into the distance. Nothing short of spectacular, they each ran nose-to-tail from one another displaying masterful race craft and experience. To protect the innocent, we won’t go into details as to who came out on top in the end of the shootout, but it’s needless to say they, among all the other participants had one heck of an experience to remember and we were proud to be a part of it.


Special Thanks

We’d like to thank Mara Bouvier of Primland for all the planning, VIR staff, Mitch Clark for providing his own Radical SR3 and Audi R8 LMS, Harold Primat and Tom Kristensen for their excellent display of professionalism and courtesy. Please visit www.primland.com for more details regarding their resort and continue to follow us on Facebook and frequently visit our website for news updates and information regarding our events.

WISKO Race Engineering
Press Team 2016